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ATDI lance ce jour les calculs de population couverte par les principaux groupes radiophoniques diffusant sur le territoire Français.


Deux méthodes sont utilisées pour les calculs (1) (2) :


La méthode (1) a pour but d’affiner les calculs de population couverte grâce à une meilleure répartition des habitants concentrés dans les zones bâties, et la prise en compte de tous les brouilleurs.

La méthode (2) a pour but d’affiner les calculs de population couverte grâce à une meilleure répartition, un modèle de propagation éprouvé donnant des résultats conformes à la réalité, la prise en compte de tous les brouilleurs et des C/I requis (rapports de protection en radiofréquence) adaptés à la qualité des filtres des récepteurs FM actuels.


Les résultats seront publiés sur ce site prochainement.



Couverture modèle 1546


Corrélation mesures-prédictions modèle 1546



Couverture modèle Deygout 1994


Corrélation mesures-prédictions modèle Deygout 1994


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ATDI provides the most accurate Dynamic Spectrum Management System:

– Static and Dynamic concept
– Static spectrum maps by channel and technologies
– C/I maps calculated to protect receivers (and not based on extended transmitter coverage)
– Dynamic frequency assignment (<< 5 sec)
– Spatial and Time oriented Database
– Spectrum Sharing Areas, available channels and permit powers are accessible in real-time
– Multi-technologies, from 8kHz to 350 GHz
– Static networks are always protected and Dynamic networks are automatically optimized to minimize self-interference.
– Support: PMSE, TVWS, LTE, Wimax, Radars, DVB-T, ATSC, WiFi, Aeronautic…
– Allotments, Exclusion areas
– Cartography: Multi-resolutions from 0.1 m to 500 m, Projections “on the “fly”, Multi-layers (DTM, Clutter, Building heights)
– Pre-defined and user-defined filters (Rejection, C/I required, NFD matrix, TS/RIF)
– More than 100 propagation models: NTIA, ITU, Deygout94, COST, Okumura-Hata, HF, MF…
– WMS/WMTS geoportals


LSA Pilot programme features

Web service and Database design:

Allotment: Reservations and Blockings

  • QueuedReservation for specifed and unspecified channel(s),
  • TempReservation
  • GrantedReservation,
  • Blocking

Allotment blockers

Minor/Major modification

Splitting of an assignment

spectrum architecture3

spectrum architecture2ok




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ATDI delivers a Spectrum Engineering Software for Earth stations and Satellite networks to the Communications Regulatory Authority of Iran (CRA).

The mission of CRA is to achieve a competitive and balanced market for providing new and comprehensive services with reasonable costs in the field of ICT as the infrastructure for the State development in all aspects.

ATDI and its partner in Iran, Danafan Communications Development, have been choosen by CRA to deliver ICS manager and ICS telecom software products, as well as full training program and database migration. The contract was awarded in the framework of a public tender procedure.

The system delivered will help the International specialized organization bureau of CRA to perform the following tasks:

• Planning and management of radio spectrum
• Customers applications processing
• Management of frequency assignments
• International notification and coordination
• EMC analysis

The main responsibility of the International specialized organization bureau of CRA is international registration and frequency coordination of earth stations and satellite networks and solving the problem that caused by them.

About CRA
About Danafan