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Guide de constitution d’un dossier COMSIS pour un site LTE 800 MHz avec ICS telecom
(Applicable à compter du 2 décembre 2013)


. Import des fichiers TVD CSA (ici)
. Réémetteurs potentiellement impactés
. Communes potentiellement impactées
. ITU-R 419 et polarisation circulaire
. Mise à jour automatique des champ médian minimum (GE06)
. ITU 525 + diffraction Deygout (94)
. Fichiers communes disponible en téléchargement
. Filtre de réjection NFD TNT_LTE.NFD
. Simulation d’impacts
. Rapport C/I (ECC 148)
. Carte représentant pour le multiplex le plus impacté, les risques de brouillages en saturation et distinguant par 2 couleurs les installations passives des installations actives.
. carte représentant pour le multiplex le plus impacté, les risques de brouillage en rapport de protection (PR).
. cartes par site (jusqu’à 0.70 m de précision)

Guide de constitution d’un dossier COMSIS pour un site LTE 800 MHz


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Training to make TETRA do its job

ATDI is helping to protect essential radio systems in central Europe.

Austria-based representatives from Sepura,  a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of digital radios, infrastructure and applications for professional mobile radio users, attended an advanced TETRA training course at ATDI’s Gatwick head offices.

“It’s about getting the most out of our planning and modelling tool ICS telecom,” says ATDI lead engineer Paul Grant, who ran the course. “Sepura has been using ICS telecom for many years but because of improvements we have made in functionality and also because the radio environment is always changing, it is valuable to take time to explore exactly what the latest version of ICS telecom can do.”

Paul continues: “ICS telecom is invaluable when planning a new TETRA network;  Sepura is preparing to switch on 80 commercial-band base stations across central Europe and needs to establish coverage capacity and consider frequency allocation and coordination. The training we carried out covered the majority of the issues related to the deployment of large networks as well as ways to get maximum benefit from ICS telecom during the switch-on process.”

Sepura works with users from public safety, transport, utilities, oil and gas, manufacturing, construction and leisure sectors. Earlier this year, it acquired Fylde Micro Ltd, the UK-based radio trunking solutions company, and in 2012 acquired 3T, an Austrian supplier of TETRA infrastructure.




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Download free Digital Terrain Models and Clutters here


Europe 25 m



Clutter file (25 m)




DTM 25 m



Digital map dataset link (updated weekly):