software solution for the design of 3D antennas and antenna systems

Increasing or improving the occupancy of radio frequencies requires new and improved antenna designs which are capable of meeting frequency allocation plans and the coverage requirements of each network operator. Mobile communication and broadcast networks must satisfy complex constraints designed to reduce or eliminate possible interference.

Antios models complex problems. This innovative software  enables engineers to design antenna systems using multiple horizontal or vertical dipole arrays arranged around the support.


• Takes into account  up to 128 panels on the structure
• Real-time adjustment of the panels with automatic recalculation of the pattern
• Uses real antenna elements from manufacturers
• Features a new graphical antenna element editor
• Calculates vertical, horizontal and circular polarised arrays
• Models the effect of changes in coupling
• Provides new wizards for phase and skew settings
• Compensates for zeros in patterns
• Displays patterns in polar or Cartesian formats
• Visualizes patterns in 3D
• Calculates gain and three dimensional polar responses
• Exports 3D data direct to ICS telecom EV
• Exports 2D data into other planning tools
• Exports ASCII 3D patterns
• Prints reports on pattern and structure.



• Processor 1 GHz or higher
• RAM: 512 Mb min.
• Hard disk: 500 Mb of free space after programme set-up
• 17″ screen
• 32 Mb AGP Graphic adapter & 3D graphic accelerator
• Windows 10