ATDI helps SRMC (MIIT) of China to improve National Spectrum Monitoring

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Intelligent Software Solutions in Spectrum Management and Spectrum Monitoring

ATDI has been introducing National Spectrum Control main techniques in Beijing on July 2015 to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), the State Radio Spectrum Management Center:
1. The State Radio Monitoring Centre (SRMC) – frontal presentations to the management and engineering team in charge of regulation;
2. The State Radio monitoring Testing Center (SRTC) – management team and senior engineers.

Dr Haim Mazar, ATDI expert in Spectrum Regulation and Spectrum Monitoring, vice-chairman of ITU-R Study Group 1 (Spectrum Management) , active in ITU for more than 24 years, has introduced National Spectrum Monitoring, International, Regional and National Regulation of Short Range Devices (SRDs) and RF Human Hazards. Engineer Rubén Perdiz, ATDI expert in Automated Spectrum Management System (ASMS) project management, has introduced Intelligent Software Solutions in Spectrum Management and Monitoring. Considering the environment in Chinese cities, due to the huge population, Dr Haim Mazar has been requested by Dr Song Qizhu (Director General of the SRTC) to assist them to solve RF interference issues in Beijing.

ATDI has been also invited to the 3rd International Symposium on “Radio Monitoring Technology and Its Application”, held by the Xihua University in Chengdu, Sichuan, chaired by Mr XIE Feibo, Director General of the Bureau of Radio Regulation of the MIIT. Dr. Mazar has introduced National Spectrum Monitoring:
Spectrum Management and Monitoring – New Technologies. ATDI has introduced its flagship RF planning, Spectrum Engineering and Optimization software, ICS telecom.


More about MIIT, SRRC, SRTC, Xihua University


Beijing_10July15_morning_State__Radio_Monitoring_Center_SRMC_Mazar_official_reception Beijing_10July15_morning_State_Radio_Monitoring_Center_SRMC_Mazar_presenting Ruben_Perdiz_(ATDI)_presenting_Beijing_10July15_morning_State__Radio_Monitoring_Center_SRMC_Mazar

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ISRMEA Shengdu Spectrum Control Key Speaker_Mazar12 July 15

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