Bing Maps

New FREE feature : Bing Maps integration in all ATDI radio planning and spectrum management tools

As a part of ICS Cloud offer, Bing Maps are integrated from now on in all ATDI products including ICS telecom, ICS designer, ICS LT, ICS manager and ICS Online in both x86 and x64 software versions. This provides free online access to high resolution cartography (worldwide maps/satellite images/aerials) in all your ICS projects with real-time geocoding in the projection of DTM/DEM. “Cache” option is also available in order to provide off-line access to Bing Maps and reduce latency caused by the speed of your internet connection and necessary decoding time of your key (via ATDI CRM access).

This is a complimentary feature that is FREE and immediately available for all ATDI customers under maintenance. 

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The integration of Microsoft Bing Maps in ATDI products provides the following benefits:

  • State-of-the-art imagery with a high degree of image accuracy, comfort of use, and visually pleasing reports and printouts

  • Included in ATDI products at NO EXTRA COST – just contact us and we will send you your free key

  • No need to acquire expensive high-resolution image layers, this is now available for free with Bing Maps

  • Best-in-class radio coverage maps reporting

  • Unique tool for ultra-fine analysis

The availability of street names and other landmarks is a useful feature for users of ATDI software that helps to:

  • Decide or verify the location or address of assets in the field (sites, towers, antennas)

  • Verifying the type of infrastructure or buildings in the vicinity of a transmitter

  • Creating or verify user-defined zones (polygons) for coverage or protection purposes

Integration of Bing Maps is a complimentary feature for all ATDI customers under maintenance agreement
Watch ATDI video : Bing Maps integration in ATDI radio planning tools