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ATDI to improve quality of wireless service in Bhutan


A developing nation is moving towards efficient exploitation of its radio spectrum resources with the help of ATDI. The company has provided the Bhutan InfoComm and Media Authority, BICMA, with new national radio rules, a broadband spectrum audit, new pricing model and an updated frequency allocations table (following the ITU Radio Regulations 2016). The deliveries were prepared by ATDI RF spectrum and licensing specialist Dr. Haim Mazar. He identified frequencies which could be used to enhance mobile and broadband wireless services across Bhutan’s cities and sparsely-populated rural areas.

Haim comments: “To improve quality of service, BICMA may oblige MNOs to monitor and report their drop calls, coverage and capacity. Together with the two cellular operators, ATDI quantified the coverage and capacity requirements, to ease the enforcement.”

The system of annual fees per MHz is derived from socio-economic and technical parameters. A general, simple and functional pricing model is proposed for all the wireless services. The fees are related to the propagation characteristics of the frequencies. Haim adds: “The propagation characteristics of the 700/800 MHz bands facilitate improvements in mobile broadband coverage, as well as better indoor coverage and capacity.” ATDI proposes to assign licences in certain part of the lower UHF TV frequencies in 470–690 MHZ frequency band as TV white space. We propose not to approve importing analog equipment.



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