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ATDI welcome customers, both old and new, at Asia’s leading defense expo – the Asian Defense Expo – currently being held at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore.





ADECS is a leading defense and military exhibition focussed specifically on trends and opportunities within the Asia Pacific region.
ATDI will be meeting and greeting at stand D16 until 30 January.




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ATDI’s relationship with customers in Australia was broadened and deepened through the company’s attendance at the industry event Comms Connect in Melbourne.

The company presented the range of its software offering, with a focus on the newly-released ICS telecom EV.

“It’s always good to have an opportunity to meet customers face-to-face,” says ATDI spectrum engineer Yahya Khaled, “particularly when we have something as exciting as ICS telecom EV to talk about.”

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ATDI’s military and civil planning and modeling capability has been demonstrated across the Pacific.

At the Defense And Security exhibition in Bangkok, the company presented its HTZ warfare software suite; the tool is an electronic warfare and tactical network planning solution as well as essential software for military spectrum management.

ATDI, headquartered in Paris, had a booth in the French pavilion and was visited there by the French ambassador to Thailand as well as by military delegates from Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Fiji, Korea, Russia, the US, Turkey and Singapore.

Stella Monod, director of ATDI South Pacific, says: “HTZ Warfare has been trusted by armed services across the world for decades. The tool has been in continuous development throughout that time meaning that it is always up to date with the latest military technology and battle tactics. It is gratifying to know that when lives are at stake, military spectrum planners rely on ATDI systems.”

ATDI was also set to be represented at the Comms Connect exhibition in Melbourne, Australia. Comms Connect is a trade show for commercial interests and ATDI’s main focus was the new ICS telecom EV planning and modeling tool. Launched in June, ICS telecom EV incorporates user feedback from the outset of the ICS series as well as ATDI’s three decades of experience of the radiocommunications market, and an ever-growing development expertise.

“Companies, governments and regulators across the world have put their trust in ATDI’s software suite and expertise for nearly 30 years,” Stella notes. “Clearly, we already stand on solid ground. ICS telecom EV is what ATDI has built on that foundation.”

ICS telecom EV ensures public, private, licensed or unlicensed radiocommunication networks meet the standards of continuous availability, high degree of reliability and freedom from harmful interference that operators require and users demand. “ICS telecom EV delivers an unmatched degree of precision and quality to planners and optimizers across the radiocommunications industry,” Stella comments.