In: Press releases 04 Jun 2018

Travellers at one of Europe’s biggest air transport hubs are being kept safe with the help of ATDI.

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport is intending to add an extension to one of its terminals and to create a number of other new buildings. Working with network operator Hessing Telecom, ATDI has provided the planning and modelling to ensure UHF communications between airport managers and ground staff will remain uninterrupted.

“As with all airports, safety is paramount,” comments UK ATDI operations director Paul Grant who conducted the work. “Clearly, we had to address coverage issues and the potential for the proposed buildings to create a radio shadow. We had to look at transmitter power levels and analyze any need for repeaters to ensure all staff stay connected wherever they are on the airport site.”

ATDI produced a range of coverage plots which have been well received by the airport’s management, and Hessing concepts manager Jan de Groot notes that there is now a healthy working relationship between Hessing, ATDI and the airport authorities.

Jan adds: “The work we have done together at Schiphol is an example of how effective companies can be when they combine their expertise. Both Hessing and ATDI are leaders in their field and together we make a formidable team.”

In: Press releases 04 Jun 2018

ATDI’s contribution to world radiocommunication regulations and green standards has been stepped up with the company’s new membership of ITU-T.

ITU-T is working on global coordination and ATDI’s membership will give the company greater influence over ITU-T policy, scope of study groups and the appointment of officers.

Spearheading ATDI’s involvement will be company spectrum and licensing specialist Dr. Haim Mazar. He comments: “ATDI has long played a role in the work of the ITU and this new involvement not only enhances that but is a great honour for us. I can guarantee we will use our voice in the most positive and constructive manner for the whole telecommunications industry.”

Membership of ITU-T comes on the back of ATDI’s 20-year association with ITU-R which deals with issues such as spectrum management, cognitive radio, and propagation. ATDI is also a member of ITU-D which works to advance radio systems in the developing world.

Haim’s personal involvement is even more long-standing, and his quarter-century of work with the ITU includes authoring more than 240 contributions to ITU-R working parties, mainly on regulations, spectrum management, monitoring handbooks, short range devices, spurious emissions, review software, economic aspects of the spectrum, assistance to developing countries, and RF coexistence. He has also addressed Wi-Fi, antenna patterns, broadcasting and satellite communications. Active across all ITU sectors, he currently serves as vice chair ITU-Radio SG5 (terrestrial services) and leads ITU activities on EMF.

“Radio communication has been a passion since completing engineering school 1971,” Haim says. “It is both my pleasure and my privilege to work in administration and the industry and to make such contribution as I can, to live in a better world.”

ATDI’s newly enhanced role with the ITU sits alongside a more personal involvement for Haim as he is the organiser of the football matches between ITU staff and ITU meetings’ delegates.

“Everybody needs a break from their desk,” he comments. “I can’t think of a better way of doing that than getting everybody on a football pitch. It’s great fun for all involved with a really interesting mix of rivalry and camaraderie.”

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ATDI is known for the consistency of its planning and modelling work. That quality is now being extended to the company’s user group meetings and webinars.

From September, all events will be on Thursdays. The monthly schedule will also change – one month will be a webinar, the next a user group meeting – and Thursday at 10 am UK time will be the start for all of them.

“Such consistency helps people plan,” says UK Marketing Director, Sarah Sasson. “We’re providing the predictable regularity that will help them organise their schedules. We know how much our customers appreciate the online support we offer so we are determined to make attending our events as easy as possible for them.”

The last user group before the summer break is on July 6. Events will begin again in September.