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The vast distances and sparse population of rural Australia have been a problem for power companies for centuries. ATDI has helped ease the burdens by assisting in the creation of a smart metering network.

Horizon Power, based in Karratha, Western Australia, has a service area of 2.3 million square kilometres with an average of one customer per 53.5 square kilometres.

“You can understand the time, effort and staff costs in reading all those meters,” says Yahya Khaled, spectrum engineer at ATDI Australia. “It was no surprise that Horizon Power approached ATDI to help manage and optimize their smart metering network to cater for the increasing business needs.”

ATDI dominates in radio planning and modeling for the mining industry in Western Australia and it was the company’s track record of success in that sector that brought it to Horizon Power’s attention.

Horizon Power sought to implement a low-power mesh network operating on class license 920MHz and thereby requiring no licensing or spectrum fees as the Australian regulator has identified it as the GSM 900 duplex gap allocated to industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) use. This helped reduce costs across an area one-fifth the size of Europe and where isolated communities often have poor infrastructure.

ATDI’s task was to produce accurate cluster and hop-level predictions and identify the need for signal repeaters or additional access points across the vast distances involved. In addition, the company imported live mesh network data.

“ATDI gave Horizon Power an on-site demonstration and two-week trial of the company’s planning and modeling software, specifically ICS telecom EV and ICS map server,” Yahya notes. “Based on the comprehensive testing of ATDI’s tools, and impressed by the accuracy of results and ease of operation, Horizon Power bought licenses for both products for use in network construction.”

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Singapore’s drive to become a truly smart city is being assisted by ATDI.

The city-state’s spectrum regulator, IMDA, is part of a coordinated effort to connect and, where appropriate, remotely control local infrastructure. For instance, city authorities are examining the feasibility of smart street lights and some city planners are considering how to incorporate smart city concepts into new buildings.

IMDA is overseeing the radio planning, modeling and spectrum management for all the connected systems and is relying on ATDI’s assistance to do so. IMDA has benefitted from ATDI’s consultancy services for the last seven years and has recently extended that relationship with a new contract.

“It’s very exciting times in Singapore,” says ATDI spectrum engineer Yahya Khaled, “and ATDI is involved with IMDA in studies of the propagation aspects of different technologies such as LoRa, NB-IoT and WiSUN. ATDI’s new planning and modeling software tool, ICS telecom EV, has been invaluable in that.

“With the density of population and of services in Singapore, spectrum co-existence is a big issue. ATDI’s partnership with IMDA means we have plenty of experience in working together to overcome interference problems – and with the new contract taking our relationship into the future, we will continue to do so as Singapore becomes ever smarter.”

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RADIOCOMMUNICATION : L’Agence Nationale des Fréquences confirme son choix de continuer à travailler avec ATDI


Le groupe ATDI se félicite que l’ANFR, l’Agence Nationale des Fréquences, (chargée par l’Etat des missions de planification, de gestion de l’implantation des émetteurs, de contrôle et de délivrance des autorisations et certificats radio) ait renouvelé le 13 juillet 2017 la maintenance et les supports des licences des logiciels d’ATDI.


L’Agence Nationale des Fréquences a confirmé son choix de continuer à utiliser les logiciels de calcul et d’ingénierie conçus par les équipes d’ATDI permettant toute la gestion du spectre électromagnétique en France : renouvellement de 36 licences du logiciel ICS telecom et package pour un nombre illimité de licences du logiciel ICS Manager.


Ces dernières années ont été marquées par une croissance spectaculaire des usages en matière de radiocommunication et la gestion du spectre hertzien (l’ensemble des fréquences sur lesquelles peuvent opérer tous les systèmes de radiocommunication) est un enjeu majeur pour l’Etat.
Depuis plus de 20 ans, ATDI demeure un partenaire historique des autorités françaises pour aider à la régulation de ce secteur sensible, tant dans le domaine civil que militaire.


A propos d’ATDI : Créée en France il y a près de 30 ans, ATDI (Advanced Topographic Development et Images), désormais groupe international, conçoit, développe et publie des logiciels spécialement conçus pour répondre aux exigences de la radiocommunication et de la guerre électronique, la gestion du spectre, la surveillance, la cartographie numérique, la conception et l’optimisation des réseaux.

ATDI est le leader sur le marché mondial en termes de planification et de modélisation des réseaux radio, de gestion du spectre, de spectre dynamique et d’optimisation des réseaux.
Le groupe ATDI soutient actuellement 2000 clients dans le monde, dont plus de 90 autorités nationales de régulation du spectre.


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