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ATDI has just completed the initial delivery of a new Spectrum Management System (SGER) for the Federal Authority for Information Technologies and Communications (AFTIC) of Argentina.

The contract requirements include the implementation of ATDI’s web solution for Spectrum Management, Spectrum-E, extensive workflow implementation, database migration, skill transfer, software customization and related maintenance services.

The system will enable M2M service based interaction between the Argentinean public and the AFTIC for the purposes of submitting licensing requests and billing.
In July of 2014, AFTIC launched an international request for proposals for a Computer-based Integrated Solution in Support of Radio Spectrum Business Processes.
On March 26, 2015 AFTIC awarded the decision for the acquisition of the new SGER to ATDI inc (USA).
ATDI commenced delivery of the various milestones related to the contract on April 8, 2015.
The system will allow AFTIC to manage the allocation and licensing of the entire radio spectrum in Argentina.
The initial milestone corresponding to software licenses, and project management related deliverables was completed on May 29, 2015. ATDI will continue with completing its pre-implementation analysis, database migration, business process implementation, skill transfer and additional customizations over the coming 10 months.
ATDI will consolidate AFTIC’s spectrum management data within Spectrum-E’s NoSQL data-store.
The new SGER is expected to go live by April 2016.

About the Federal Authority for Information Technologies and Communications (AFTIC) Argentina:
The AFTIC is the authority whose mission and functions are regulation, controller, audit and verification of  aspects  relating  to the  field  of  Information  Technology  and  Communications  (ICT)  in  general, particularly telecommunications, the postal service and all matters to be integrated.
For more information about the AFTIC, please call + 0800-333-3344 or visit AFTIC web site


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ATDI announces HTZ spectrum

The First Collaborative Spectrum Management Platform on the Web.
HTZ spectrum is a scalable Web application (intranet or internet) built on newest Open Source technologies…

More information on HTZ spectrum


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Spectrum management Solution for ILR (Luxemburg):
ATDI is proud to provide to the ILR for the beginning of 2015 a Spectrum Management Solution.
The ILR (Institut Luxembourgeois de Régulation) is the regulatory authority for the communications sector in Luxemburg.
Considering the specific geographical position of Luxemburg, the frequencies coordination is very strategic and particularly difficult.
In order to do accurate calculations and reliable coordination, ILR has chosen to replace its previous tool by the ATDI solution, which is the reference for the radio planning and the spectrum management.
In particular, ILR use the HCM (Harmonized Calculation Method) module, included in ICS manager for the coordination calculations.
More details about the Spectrum management Solution proposed by ATDI:
More about ILR