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Speed through the air is becoming a growing imperative as ATDI helps both a mobile network and commercial flights reach maximum potential.

Network operator EE has now developed its tri-carrier LTE-Advanced structure to the extent that a demonstration was conducted at Wembley Stadium at the end of February delivering more than 400 Mbps. The system has been built using ATDI’s flagship planning and modelling software ICS Telecom to ensure it does not interfere with air traffic radars operating in the 2.7 Ghz range; EE’s LTE-Advanced utilises a combined 20 MHz of 1800-MHz spectrum with 20 MHz of 2.6-GHz spectrum, and another, separate 15 MHz chunk of 2.6-GHz spectrum. The 1800MHz band does not affect radars.

“Clearly, it is imperative that EE gets value for its investment by having a network that works for its customers and nobody needs telling how important it is to have air traffic control radars operating without interference,” notes ATDI operations director Paul Grant.  “EE’s use of ICS Telecom has been an integral part of ensuring both those things happen. Indeed, EE is continuing to take technical support from ATDI to make certain its engineers are getting the most out of ICS Telecom’s 2.6GHz coordination feature.”

The LTE-Advanced signal has the power to saturate a radar receiver thereby rendering the system useless. Many of the air traffic control radars have now had filters installed so possible interference areas are limited to areas close to the radar head.

EE’s Wembley Stadium demonstration created what the company called an interactive gig experience involving an audio-visual installation featuring multiple 4K and HD screens and high-quality audio streaming.


Aeronautical functions in ICS telecom:



Multilateration (multi-ranging / passive)


RADAR (monostatic, bistatic, multistatic)

RADAR coordination (2.6 / 3.4 GHz)







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ATDI workshop in Warsaw:
Presentation of ICS telecom V13 and ICS designer V4 in Warsaw the 12th and 20th February, in ATDI premises – Warsaw (00-363) ul. Nowy Świat 54/56. POLAND

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ATDI along with its local partner, TEKSAR LABS, S.A. de C.V. (TEKSAR) has just completed the initial delivery of the SIAER for the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT) of Mexico, the national telecommunications regulator.
The contract requirements include the implementation of ATDI’s web solution for spectrum management, delivery of licenses of the ICS Telecom software application for RF network planning and spectrum engineering, database migration, skill transfer, software customization, and related maintenance services.

The delivery of the new SIAER will replace the current SAER and will help evolve IFT’s capabilities through state-of-the-art automation and subject matter expertise. The new SIAER will cover AM/FM as well as analog and digital TV services, previously not covered by the SAER. ATDI’s extensive experience providing software solutions and related engineering services to various US federal government agencies were critical in allowing ATDI to meet technical bidding requirements. The initial hardware, software licenses, and project management deliveries were completed on December 17, 2014.
ATDI will complete the database migration from the old SAER as well as other legacy systems.
The system will allow IFT to manage the allocation and licensing of the entire radio spectrum in Mexico as well as facilitate border coordination with the United States.

About the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT) of Mexico – The IFT is an autonomous organization with the primary objective of developing broadcast and telecommunications services in Mexico with adherence to constitutional provisions. In order to achieve this objective, the IFT must regulate, promote, and supervise the use of the radio spectrum and the networks and public services offered for broadcast and telecommunications. IFT is also responsible for ensuring equitable access to infrastructure and other essential supplies for IT and communications industries, as well as for broadcast and telecommunications services including Internet broadband. In order to obtain more information about IFT, please call +55-50-15-40-00 or visit

About TEKSAR LABS, S.A. de C.V.