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Are you looking for an easy to get and free of charge clutter? ICS telecom/ICS designer/ICS LT make it possible in one click!

It is now possible to generate the ground occupancy layer in any ICS tool from Corine Land Cover and Open Street Map sources, regardless of resolution and cartographic projection of your project. You just have to download free Corine Land Cover and Open Street Map data directly from CLC and OSM import interface in ICS tool. This will allow to obtain quickly and easily a 16 classes clutter file for Europe and a 8 classes worldwide one compatible with your DTM in ICS software.

The Corine Land Cover Data (CLC) cover whole Europe and Turkey.
The Open Street Map (OSM) data cover the whole world.

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ATDI is constantly working on developing and upgrading its end-to-end Automated Spectrum Management System ICS manager. We are happy to announce that the following improvements have been recently added to ICS manager interface:

  • Support of the SNS V7 format (for notifying to ITU in the Space services). Following the 2012 conference, the ITU updated the format of the spatial databases to version 7. This format is now mandatory since the 1st of January 2013 for submitting data to the ITU. ICS Manager has been updated to handle the new version of SNS databases format (V7) and Gibc software
  • Optimization of queries. It is now possible to organize queries is subfolders, to move them by drag and drop. This allows to manage your queries in more comfortable and ergonomic way
  • Facilitating exchange with ICS telecom. STATIONi database selection and MWi database selection merged in a single dialog, channeling plans automatically exported
  • Improved cartographic features. This includes support for Open Street Map, geocoding and reverse geocoding that is now available in the Position table (using Bing services)
Exchange with ICS telecom
Open Street Map in ICS manager

Please contact us if you require more information

Learn more about ICS manager here

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ATDI announces new features in its radio planning, spectrum management and electronic warfare tools. Latest upgrades include more impressive cartographic features, LTE functions improvement as well as new advanced radio planning options.

Cartographic features:

 Open Street Map for the most precise radio planning (shows precise address on a mouse click)

 User defined WMS servers

  • Tilt map (this feature’s applications include: broadcast, design antenna, spectrum regulation)
  • Bing address over cursor 
  • Clutter 2006 – Resolution 20 m now available (Europe)

Advanced LTE functions:

  • Connectivity report: RSRP, best server, RSRQ, SNIR PDSCH, SNIR control channel, throughput/RB
  • Prospective planning LTE
  • Parenting LTE: schedulers Rodin Robin, proportional fair and max SNR
  • Uplink SNIR map (Monte-Carlo and Noise rise methods)
  • Monte-Carlo (SNIR, RSRP, RSRQ, PUSCH and connect)
  • User defined SNIR vs Throughput tables
  • Reports: QoS, Throughputs…
  • Full MIMO/SIMO/AAS integration 
  • RSRP coverage analysis 

Radio planning:

Route planning - new innovative feature that allows automatic network planning from station candidates along vector lines and includes:

  • Automatic antenna orientation
  • Best station selection including sector dependency
  • Overlapping
  • Network coverage calculation and reporting

The route planning function can be used for the following applications:

  • Rail track coverage: GSM-R
  • Highway coverage (FM radio…)
  • Railway/highway worksites VHF coverage
  • Secured Logistics Convoys / Military deployment
  • Public transport lines TETRA coverage
  • Pipeline security control systems

Area planning - latest feature that allows automatic network planning from station candidates targeting polygon areas, including:

  • Automatic antenna orientation
  • Best station selection including sector dependency
  • Overlapping
  • Network coverage calculation and reporting

Area planning function can be used for wireless meter reading, AMR, site optimization, coverage redundancy.

Handover analysis along vector lines:

  • Takes into account: Mobile speed, Handover margin, Pre-defined neighbors and Handover effective time
  • Features complete report

Application: rail track coverage: GSM-R

Coverage analysis using address files (SHP, CSV, UK addresses..)