The debate about the impact of radio waves on human beings has its beginning in Poland 19-21 May
Symposium in partnership with ATDI and Center for Advanced Studies at Warsaw University of Technology

The main subject of the meeting is “human hazard” and the impact of the electromagnetic waves on living structures. Symposium foresees to take account of large range of issues concerning interactions between electromagnetic field and humans. The experts of different knowledge areas, including physics, medicine and technical sciences, will introduce the newest achievements in the scope. The meeting will bring together young researchers and established scientists, those active in the wide spectrum of applied broadcasting. It gives an excellent opportunity to determine the new challenges, within an international cooperation of advanced researchers and research group.

The debate about the impact of radio waves on human beings has its beginning in Poland
Health risks associated with the electromagnetic field will be the main topic of “Human and Field: Submission or Interaction” Symposium, organized by ATDI and Center for Advanced Studies of the Warsaw University of Technology. The conference will take place 19-21 May 2017 and will be held under the patronage of the Polish Ministry of Digitization. It will gather notable experts from all over the world.

The symposium „Human and Field: Submission or Interaction” will shed new light on the question of the impact of radio waves on humans. The event organized at the Ossolinski Palace in Sterdyń will be a breakthrough in the public debate and will launch a series of similar meetings around the world.

During the symposium experts from different disciplines, including physics, medicine and engineering sciences, will present the latest achievements and projects related to the problem of waves. The Scientific Committee is composed of eminent professors such as Michael Giersig of the Freie University Berlin, ATDI expert Haim Mazar associated with the ITU and a strong representation of scientists from the Warsaw University of Technology.

Until now, the consequences of the impact of electromagnetic fields on humans were discussed in isolation from research and analysis. They were left in the realm of conjecture and speculation. The theme has accumulated a lot of myths and controversies because of no available reliable research. Opinions are divided. Some believe that exposure to the waves does not matter, while others declare that they feel the effects of the impact of the waves and ask for help to doctors, who often do not have ready-made solutions to help their patients.

The discussion about the impact of waves is particularly important, given the fact that the telecommunications network continues to expand. In 2014, more than half of the world’s population had already used mobile phones, and that number is constantly growing. A similar phenomenon is observed in the case of Internet users. There are already 3 billion of them, out of which 2 billion actively use mobile solutions.

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The symposium is held directly under the auspices of the Ministry of Digital Affairs.

The French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Poland (CCIFP)

Symposium place: Pałac Ossolińskich, Sterdyń