ICS cloud

New cost-effective and flexible way of managing your radio planning projects
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ICS cloud – access to ICS software packages and online services for a dedicated period of time.

List of products accessible via ICS cloud offer: ICS designer / ICS telecom / ICS map server / ICS online
ICS cloud offers


1363 €*/ month

ICS telecom licence
Bing Maps / OSM
ICS online
World Wide Builder
Technical support
1 day software training **
Online documentation

map server

252 €/ month

ICS map server licence
World Wide Builder
Technical support
Online documentation
(*) Annual plan, price per month

(**) 1 training day offered at ATDI premises for the first order via ICS cloud (annual plan only). Possibility of training on-site with additional costs.

Terms & Conditions of access to ICS online

Access to ICS online is provided for free :

  • Over the rental period of any radio planning solution through ICS cloud for online data sharing and storage of up to 50 Mbytes

  • To any existing customer of lifetime licenses of any ATDI solution under maintenance & support contract for online data sharing and storage of up to 50 Mbytes

Additional online data sharing, bandwidth, storage capacity (GBytes) and dedicated accounts as well as extended access period of time can be proposed by contacting ATDI sales representatives

**Any customer (except Education customers) having already bought and using one ATDI perpetual software license can benefit of the Licensed customer special price.
ICS cloud benefits

ICS cloud is a digital hub that offers the following functions and benefits:

  • A monthly rent of best-in class radio planning solutions from ATDI : ICS LT, ICS designer, ICS telecom, ICS manager and ICS map server licenses (x86 and x64 versions) anytime, anywhere to address your projects needs

  • No depreciation

  • Temporary licenses to manage increased workload over time and budget constraints

  • Maintenance and technical support during the purchased period of time

  • The right number of licenses at the right time

  • Easy payment schedule– monthly plan

  • Benefit from new software features and upgrades as soon as they are released at no extra cost

  • Switch from one tool to another at any time - flexibility to adapt the tools according to your needs and projects

  • Worldwide map, DTM and clutter through Online WorldWide Builder with access to cartographic data base hosted on ATDI servers and available anytime, anywhere

  • Bing Maps integration with access to highest quality imagery at no extra cost

  • Reduction of the total cost of ownership

  • A solid roadmap to keep on optimizing performance and cost

  • Access to online data sharing (coverage, interference maps) with account right management (public or restricted) via ICS online for technical and marketing audiences

  • Offload radio planning calculations and computation time for optimized IT infrastructure cost (coming soon)

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How to order ICS cloud

You can contact us to require your soft key
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