ICS manager

The only platform that is flexible enough to meet current and future needs of regulators in all areas related to spectrum management and monitoring
ICS manager


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ATDI Spectrum Solutions– The most powerful Software for Spectrum Management, Spectrum Engineering, Dynamic Spectrum & Monitoring

Spectrum Management Platform for:

• Regulatory authorities
• Broadcasters
• Telecom Operators

• Spectrum Monitoring System Interface
• Complaint management
• Inspection
• Spectrum Optimisation and Frequency Sharing
• Spectrum Refarming and Digital Dividend
• Licensing, Billing and Tracking
• Application, License and Procedure Management
• Spectrum Auctions and Spectrum Trading
• ITU Notifications
• International and Regional Coordination
• Frequency Allocation Tables
• Spectrum Occupancy
• Geospatial Analysis
• Co-existence of wireless technologies
• Coordination contours
• Fast frequency Allocation
• Advanced reporting and data sharing
• Online Access and web portals (Intranet and Internet)
• White-Space Database
• Seamless integration with third party systems
• Workflow and Process Automation
• Network inventory database
• API, Web services

Extended applications for regulators

ICS manager is the backbone of a regulator’s spectrum management division. Its powerful data engine manages all data related to spectrum management easily and hierarchically, while continuously monitoring the coherence of the data. Its process control engine allows the implementation of automated processes for:

  • License management, operational management

  • Calculation of fees following the technical and administrative parameters of the frequency assignments and the licenses

  • Generation of documents (report, invoices, receipts), billing, and payment follow-up

  • International notification, international coordination

  • Spectrum monitoring

  • Spectrum planning, frequency assignments

  • Zone allotments or band attributions

  • Web interface, web services, web portails

  • Management of data: antennas, equipment, site, frequency plans, allocation charts (foot notes, services...) etc.

ICS manager web interface Mintic Colombia reference manual
ICS manager Features

  • Validation of new services to avoid interfering with existing systems according to ITU plans, regional plans and national plans

  • Management of administrative procedures in accordance with the national, regional and international rules and processes in force

  • Spectrum optimization and frequency sharing

  • Secure administrative and technical data storage as a basis for calculating and collecting license fees,

  • Efficient information exchange and sharing with stakeholders

  • Interface with spectrum monitoring systems

  • White-Spaces Databases (Multi-layer matrices, Devices, Routers, Frequency and Power Level constraints, Locations, Online access (Web-services)

  • Open Street Map

  • Bing address over cursor

  • Standalone or Client Server installation

  • Customization of the Query editor

  • Evolutive Spectrum Mamagement DataBase (SMDB) structure

  • Relational SMDB on Oracle/Access with direct management of rights and adapted user profiles

  • Project management with individual workspaces for each user

  • Multi-language environment

  • Triple set of tables: "system" tables, "library" tables and "spectrum management" tables

  • Dedicated dialogs and customizable queries for each structure

  • Data exchange files (*.MDB) for each structure

  • Fully integrated cartographic management (DTM, maps, geographical coordinate systems including conversions...)

  • Complete integrated Module for editing and creating reports

  • ITU Notification (electronic and paper) forms

  • Triple set of external synchronized access: Radio Planning Software (ICS telecom nG/ HTZ warfare nG), Monitoring and Billing

  • Modules adapted for each field of action/service: VHF/UHF analogue and digital broadcast, Microwaves, Earth Stations including APS4/III form and AP28 coordination contour computation, FWA Stations, GSM, PMR, coordination of Fixed Services, coordination of Mobile Services, Notification T11-T17, spectrum planning

  • Import from standard SMDB: TerraSys, SRS, DACAN, TVA, TVD...

  • Interface with major monitoring equipment providers...


Your radio planning network in the Cloud

Customization of the Query editor in ICS manager
ATDI now offers improved personalization of queries in the ‘Query editor’ of ICS manager. The customization that has been done is aimed at making easier for the end-user the edition of queries through several aspects:

  • Hide what is not used (tables, columns, relations)

  • Bring at the top of the list the most important items

  • Group the items according to the way of working

For more information please see this document

Introducing ICS manager interface updates
We are happy to announce that the following improvements have been recently added to ICS manager interface:

  • Support of the SNS V7 format 

  • Optimization of queries

  • Facilitating exchange with ICS telecom 

  • Improved cartographic features

Read more here

Callsign allocation now available in ICS manager
The callsign feature allow the transmitter to be identified in a unique manner throughout the world, for that purpose the ITU has assigned distinct callsign series to each member administration.

ICS manager now includes capabilities to:

  • Manage several callsign series

  • Automatically asociate a callsign series to a given transmitter

  • Analyze the database and identify all callsign values of a series that are not used, and reuse them

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

ICS manager now features full support for DVB-T2
ATDI announces full support for DVB-T2 in ICS manager – a continuous commitment to bring all-in-one Automated Spectrum Management System to regulation authorities. Read more

Graphic user interface
A simple and intuitive graphic user interface is essential for proper software integration within an organization. For this reason, in ICS manager as in its other applications, ATDI systematically followed Windows standards (menus, icons, dialog windows, drag-and-drop facilities, extensive use of mouse, etc,) allowing any person familiar with Windows to feel quickly comfortable.

Frequency allocation
Frequency allocation can be displayed in ICS manager.
For example, 3 different services (ITU, national, military) can be displayed. Foot notes can also be displayed.

Spectrum occupancy plot
Spectrum occupancy plot allows to check out information on the frequencies used in a specific range of band, geographic area or specific site.

Computation of coordination contours for earth stations
The module dedicated to earth stations includes the computation of coordination contours according to the ITU RR Appendix S7 (formerly AP 28). If necessary, these contours are graphically added to ITU notification form APS4/III as annex.

Coordinate management and cartographic
ICS manager offers numerous and powerful cartographic functions, which are an essential part of the historic know-how of ATDI. Among many others, the user will have at disposal the following possibilities:

  • display of maps inside queries and sheets

  • calculation of altitude and horizon height

  • conversion of maps to the most usual projections

  • conversion of coordinates between the different systems (metric, DMS, Lambert, etc.)

  • navigation over a map

  • setting of location directly on the map

  • view of stations locations

  • zoom...

Table site, gestion des coordonnées selon différents systèmes

Reports generation
ICS manager provides its own report generator, in order to provide reports dedicated to spectrum management, including antenna pattern and map graphical display. The example opposite displays a TVA report built by a user of ICS manager and dedicated to coordination data exchange for analogue TV, compliant with Chester 97 agreement.

Exemplaire de rapport 

Notification to ITU-R
From selected data in the spectrum management database, ICS Manager automatically fulfils the appropriate notification forms (T01, T02, T04, T11 to T17, ApS4/III...) to be sent to ITU-R. These notification forms are available under paper form, as shown on the figure opposite, or under the electronic format defined by ITU-R.

Fiches de notifications UIT 

Date exchange
Data contained in Library and Spectrum Management tables can be easily exported/imported to/from another ICS manager database (for example, from an operator to a regulator). This operation easily works using an exchange file (MS Access *.mdb format) with a structure enabling source and direction identification. Selected records in a query can be easily exported using the right-click menu (cf. figure opposite).