Microwave Links

ICS telecom EV models backhaul and microwave links for transmission broadcast planning.
ICS telecom EV is essential to radio planners for both fixed and mobile services.

ICS telecom EV enables microwave link design for networks in any frequency band; an integral propagation model library covers the frequency range 30MHz up to 300GHz.  This multi-functional tool enables users to manage multiple technologies in one project. Features include:

  • Profile budget calculations
  • Frequency and space diversity
  • Multi-K factor calculations
  • Climate and rain parameters
  • Reliability calculations
  • Automatic antenna orientation
  • Link optimization
  • Automated frequency planning
  • Interference calculations
  • Quality objectives calculations – ITU-R F. 1703 and ITU-T G.827
Path Budget calculation


One of the main tasks in microwave planning are path budget calculations. These must be applied in accordance with strict rules and consider issues such as climatic parameters, reflections, diversity and more.


ICS telecom EV features a dedicated type of object for microwave technologies that incorporates all required parameters for MW link planning. Once the parameters are set (manually or directly imported from external sources), the path budget calculation involves only one mouse-click. Reliability can be computed in accordance with standard methods like ITU-R P.530, Vigants or empirical methods like Siemens. Climatic parameters will be automatically set according to the location of the link.

ATDI: Successful microwave link planning

Interference analysis


The backhaul network is a crucial element of any microwave network and must function with a high level of reliability. In order to function simultaneously with other systems the backhaul network should be interference-free.


ICS telecom EV enables users to manage multiple technologies in a single project. Inter-system and intra-system interference is easily computed with dedicated features delivered in the standard offering. For MW links any signals emitted from other systems (such as other MW links or base stations), can be taken into account allowing the threshold degradation to be calculated and ensuring the user has sufficient information about reliability impairment in real environment.

ATDI: Developing microwave networks

Frequency assignment


Identifying the optimum frequency in a backhaul network when presented with a large number of MW links.


Based on interference calculations, ICS telecom EV provides an automated function which assigns frequencies for microwave networks and other systems. During automatic frequency assignment process, ICS telecom EV considers other microwave links and any other systems working in the same or a neighboring frequency band.

ATDI: Automatic success