Radio Network Planning Spectrum Management Spectrum Engineering Spectrum Monitoring Telecom Defense Digital Cartography

Unprecedented efficiency and flexibility

ICS telecom EV

Massive Multi Processing - VM licensing

Multi-technologies - Broadcast - PMR - Satellite - 3G/4G/5G - IoT - mmWaves ... From kHz to THz

Radio Network Planning Spectrum Management Spectrum Engineering Spectrum Monitoring Telecom Defense Digital Cartography

ICS Manager telecom edition

The most powerful Spectrum Management Solution

Radio Network Planning Spectrum Management Spectrum Engineering Spectrum Monitoring Telecom Defense Digital Cartography

ICS Portal

Scalable E-Administration Spectrum Web Portal

Excellence is the key

ATDI develops, supplies and supports a comprehensive set of software for radiocommunications
Three decades in radiocommunications, software tools in development for over a quarter of a century and engineers who have already overcome every challenge the industry can present. It makes ATDI the world’s leading authority on radio network planning and modelling, spectrum management and network optimization.
The software ATDI has developed – notably HTZ and ICS – backed by the company’s expertise helps customers save time, money and resources which is why operations from commercial companies to air traffic controllers to spectrum regulators all rely on ATDI. More...

ICS telecom EV

Leading industry Radio planning and Spectrum Engineering software
Continued engineering excellence - Smoother user experience
ICS telecom EV produces fast, accurate results easier than ever taking radio network planning to new levels.
ICS telecom EV supports massive projects and offers functionality to manage every radio technology in an All-in-One Solution. More... or Buy...

ICS manager

The most widespread automated spectrum management and monitoring software
Meeting the current and the future needs of spectrum management and monitoring via a flexible platform and comprehensive APIs
ICS manager is the backbone of a regulator’s spectrum management division
Featuring a powerful data engine, this leading spectrum management tool manages associated data with ease and hierarchically, while continuously monitoring its coherence.
ICS manager supports user defined queries and publishs user web pages (forms, lists...) without programming.
APIs for web Portals, process controls, workflows, reporting, data migration, web services, interface with third party systems or for customization. More...

ICS RF allocations

Leading technilogy to simplify and clarify national frequency allocation tables
ICS RF allocation editor enables users to edit the content of the national Frequency Allocation Tables (FAT) and Radio Interface Regulations (RIR)
As a standalone application, or as a module to ICS manager, the ICS RF allocation editor helps regulators to edit and maintain a comprehensive frequency allocation plan before publication in PDF or via a public web portal. More...

ICS Web Portal

A scalable E-Administration web portal
ICS Portal is is most efficient and cost effective web solution for frequency users and spectrum regulators.
ICS Portal is based on "App store" architecture connected to ICS manager web services. ICS Portal simplifies data exchange and licensing process.
The solution to optimize development and integration. More...

HTZ warfare

The only telecom defense radio planning and spectrum engineering software
HTZ warfare features a comprehensive set of advanced radio planning and spectrum engineering capabilities, that enables the design and optimization of critical communication networks for frequencies ranging from a few kHz up to 1 THz
Unique communication electronic warfare and tactical communications features allow accurate battlefield communications, advanced mission planning and spectrum management.
HTZ warfare comes as an “all-in-one” solution covering the full radio spectrum and all radio technologies. More...

Network Planning

Planning saves time and money and often large amounts of both. All radio spectrum operators are concerned about efficiency, getting the maximum return for the minimum outlay. Planning a network with the smallest amount of base stations needed to meet service requirements is the way to do that, whether the network is local, regional or national.
ATDI offers Radio network planning & optimization Software, Consulting, Survey & Measurements

Spectrum Management

The regulation of radiocommunications is an interesting business. Commonly termed spectrum management, its structure varies widely across the globe. Some countries still practice command and control of resources, while others leave the market to make its own decisions. Often, spectrum regulation is a mixture of the two.
ATDI offers Spectrum management & monitoring Software, Consulting services, eLicensing portals, White-Spaces & LSA platforms

Telecom Defense

Simulating communication networks in the warfare environmnent saves lives
ATDI’s electronic warfare communications software solutions are used by numerous Armed Forces and Government Agencies around the globe.
HTZ warfare is the world's most advanced battlespace RF planning and modelling software and the most powerfull spectrum engineering tool for tactical communications

Digital Cartography

Mapping information is essential for the deployment or management of a network. ATDI has accumulated a comprehensive catalog of worldwide cartographic data stored on the company’s high-capacity servers.
AtDI produces high quality digital reference maps, land cover maps and digital elevation models and offers all the features needed to create digital terrain datasets thanks to ICS map server, HTZ warfare or ICS telecom EV software

ATDI software advantage

  • The most comprehensive, “all-in-one”, solution for every radio network planning project
  • Commitment to support all new technologies and emerging radio standards and latest recommandations
  • Multiple calculation methodologies
  • Long product lifecycle, ICS telecom EV and HTZ warfare share the same development platform
  • Ability to manage coexistence between technologies: Digital broadcast vs Advanced mobile or vs White-Space devices, Microwave links vs. Radars or vs. Wind Turbines, Coexistence, and more...
  • Our products offer a generic approach for propagation channel modelling: 3D map-based deterministic propagation models to fulfil all VHF/UHF/SHF/EHF requirements simultaneously
  • ATDI team

    Our people and organizational structure are key to our success
    ATDI’s group of experts have solid experience in transaction based SW platforms. The software developers have higher degrees in technical sciences and come with experience from both mature and emerging markets.
    We continuously recruit accomplished professionals within each field of expertise in spectrum management. ATDI enjoys a high degree of commitment and employee loyalty thanks to its organizational style.
    We provide deep insight and expertise in very heterogeneous fields (spectrum engineering, network planning, spectrum management), which together with an advanced knowledge in system integration, allows us to work in a distributed environment.

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    Latest news

    ATDI is an active actor in the ITC sector

    ATDI is a member and contributor: HCM - DSA - ERO - ITU-D - ITU-T - ITU-R
    Other ATDI web sites: USA ATDI inc - UK ATDI ltd - India ATDI

    ITU missions:
    ITU-R Study Group 5 (terrestrial services) Vice Chair
    ITU-R SG 5 Working Party 5C (fixed services) Vice Chair
    ITU-R SG5 WP 5C/3 (systems in spectrum higher than 86 GHz and interdisciplinary topics) Chair
    ITU-R SG1 (spectrum management) WP 1C (monitoring), Rapporteur on monitoring of EMF
    ITU R, D and T intersectoral activities on EMF
    ITU-D Study Group 2 (ICT services and applications for the promotion of sustainable development) Co-Rapporteur of Study Question 7/2 (EMF, human hazards)
    ITU-T Study Group 5 (environment and circular economy); co- Rapporteur to the World Health Organisation on EMF.