Travellers at one of Europe’s biggest air transport hubs are being kept safe with the help of ATDI.

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport is intending to add an extension to one of its terminals and to create a number of other new buildings. Working with network operator Hessing Telecom, ATDI has provided the planning and modelling to ensure UHF communications between airport managers and ground staff will remain uninterrupted.

“As with all airports, safety is paramount,” comments ATDI operations director Paul Grant who conducted the work. “Clearly, we had to address coverage issues and the potential for the proposed buildings to create a radio shadow. We had to look at transmitter power levels and analyse any need for repeaters to ensure all staff stay connected wherever they are on the airport site.”

ATDI produced a range of coverage plots which have been well received by the airport’s management, and Hessing concepts manager Jan de Groot notes that there is now a healthy working relationship between Hessing, ATDI and the airport authorities.

Jan adds: “The work we have done together at Schiphol is an example of how effective companies can be when they combine their expertise. Both Hessing and ATDI are leaders in their field and together we make a formidable team.”