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ATDI 4G CONTEST awards ceremony has been successfully accomplished at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Fuenlabrada) de Madrid.


With the full support of of Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, the excellent presentations of Mr. Ignacio Urrutia, Gerente Service Demand Management from Orang and Juan Perdro Fernandez Cuartero, vocal de la Junta del Gobieerno del COIT, the awards ceremony has gained an overwhelming responses from all participants.

ATDI is proud of this competition which helps engineering students open their first page of career and make more possibilities on the use of 4G network femtocells.

Special thank to Javier Ramos, Director of Telecommunications Engineering school from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos I, whose premises was held, also attended, during development, the presence of representatives of the French and Finnish embassies and Fanny Bergé, the photographer.



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There’s a €50 Amazon voucher for person who can name the eight countries where ATDI has offices to the pictures above.

Just email your answers numbered 1-8 (starting with the picture at top left) telling us which country each picture was taken

in to All correct answers will go into a draw with the winner notified on December 22 2014.

Only Santa delivers the goods in more countries than ATDI so from him and us to all of you, Season’s Greetings.

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ICS designer is ATDI’s new flagship radio planning tool for operators and equipment manufacturers. It allows industry experts to manage their network through the complete life cycle from early planning to interference analysis and optimization phase. ICS designer supports all radio technologies in a single solution including LTE, WiMax, 3G, 2G, TETRA, etc.

ICS designer supports advanced LTE functions, both for TDD and FDD:

1. 3G -> 4G Migration

2. E-node B setting

  • LTE FDD of TD modes
  • Power distribution
  • Antenna configuration

3. LTE network design

  • RSCP coverage analysis
  • RSCP interference analysis (RSRQ)
  • Automatic LTE Neighbor cell allocation (intra and inter networks)
  • Automatic PCI allocation
  • Automatic RSI allocation
  • Fixed and/or Mobile distribution

4. LTE interference analysis

  • Control channels CNIR
  • RSRQ

5. LTE Throughput map

6. LTE KPI (Keys Performance Indicators)

  • CQI map
  • Bearers map

7. LTE Optimization

  • ICIC
  • MIMO optimization (SM/SD/MU/AAS)

Through the use of different options of high-quality cartographic data and a comprehensive library of accurate and advanced models or functions, ICS designer brings dedicated and tailored capabilities to plan and manage the latest LTE networks.

ATDI has developed for its customers the latest tutorial that explains step-by-step LTE network planning with ICS designer.
Contact us in order learn more.

To learn more about ICS designer click here