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New in ICS telecom Version 12.5.0

      • Propagation model ITU-R 1546-5
      • Propagation model ITU-R 452-15
      • Propagation model ITU-R 1812-3
      • Propagation model ITU-R 526-13
      • Propagation model ITU-R 530-15
      • Ultra-fast SM 1009 (< 5 sec)
      • New Delta-UFS reports
      • New library (MW equipments, Feeders, Coax, Frequency plans, RPEs, Antennas, Ts/Rif, NFD…)
      • Microwave link interference: TS/RIF convolution product on the fly (Net filter discrimination)
      • New audit functions (2G/3G/4G)
      • New print layout
      • Google Map, Bing Map, Open Street Map, Inspire, Geoportals (EPSG 3857, 102113, 3785, 900913, 4326): faster real-time geocoding, map updates, reports…
      • Clutter and Building layer builders
      • Export coverage in WKT (Cloud databases)
      • Spatial queries (SQL)
      • 3D Human hazard (exposure)
      • Enhanced Smart Grid automatic planning
      • WFS support (ICS online)
      • 3D vector layer
      • Coordination with aeronautical radionavigation radar in the 2.7 GHz band
      • White-spaces:

White space map calculation (multi-technologies):
. Devices or Routers vs Licensed service areas (C/I mode)
. Licensed services vs Devices or Routers (IRF and C/I modes)
. Licensed services vs earth Satellite Rx (GSO, NGSO, Constellations)
. Devices vs Devices or Routers vs Routers or Devices vs Routers (IRF mode)
. Devices or Routers vs Polygons or Routes (PFD)



From UKPM files (from 0.01 m to 100 m resolution)
. LTE vs DTT
. WSD vs DTT
. Multiple log-normal signal calculator (Schwartz & Yeh / Fenton-Wilkinson)
. UKPM household automatic update
. Up to 100 000 interferers (base stations) by DTT channel
. Up to 2 000 000 interferers (WSDs) by DTT channels


WSD vs DTT features:
. Large choice of propagation models
. Multiple resolution maps (from 0.01 m to 1000 m)
. White-space devices: Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
. Rejection: ETSI EN 301 598
. Household distribution
. WSD distribution
. DTT white-space maps
. TVWS availability maps (C/I, permitted power levels)
. Spurious emissions
. Interference analysis: Multiple scenarios
. Rx antenna discrimination (ITU-R 419, OET69, User defined) (DTT user)
. Automatic DTT selection
. Foreign DTT transmitters
. Offline and Online Worldwide database (Location, Channels, Power levels, WSD classes)
. Export WMAS (Google map, Bing Map, OSM) or EPSG:4326
. Web services

Export data formats:
. Matrices (form 0.01 m to 1000 m resolution)





Coordination with aeronautical radionavigation radar in the 2.7 GHz band


OMAN – DTT White-Space map – Channel 28



Install note relative to the new library

Tip to upgrade Shared Equipment Databases (versions 18.4.7 – 12.4.7 – 3.4.7):

1 – Exit the application
2 – Copy all database files (.MWE, .ANT, .NFD…) to the root of the default directory (such as “C:\ATDI\ICS telecom x64\Base”)
3 – Start the application
4 – Copy the entire contents of the base directory (files and subdirectories) in the new shared folder.
5 – Change the directory that contains the database files with the “Database/Other databases/Location…” feature
All database files are now available in the shared folder.

Note: .TS and RIF files must be created or moved in the Base\TSR folder.


Feel free to ask for any further information at

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ATDI is continuously striving to bring more value to ICS radioplanning software suite providing our customers with even more advanced radioplanning functions and new unrivaled web services. We are proud to announce latest features of ICS telecom, ICS designer and ICS LT which are specifically designed to increase performance of ATDI tools and make radioplanning software accessible for each and every technical requirement and budget.

Among many new exciting features ICS radioplanning suite now offers:

  • Full 3D experience (maps, coverage engine, propagation models, reports)
  • Improved cartography including Bing Maps 
  • Seamless sharing of heavy radio network reports and data with ICS online
  • Increased performance including 64-bit version of software
  • Monthly software rent available via ICS cloud service
  • Latest broadcast technologies
  • Latest recommendations/propagation models
  • Additional formats
  • Powerful LTE planning features
  • Added-value and optimized radio-planning functions

Complete list of new features is available for each product: ICS telecom, ICS designer and ICS LT. Please click on the name of the product to see the full list of features.

Many compelling reasons to upgrade your version! For customers under maintenance and support contract, think about downloading the latest version free of charge.

Contact us for more information.

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ATDI radio planning and spectrum management tools are well known for handling various types of cartographic data. This is now completed with support of latest Bing Maps. Bing Maps (previously Live Search Maps, Windows Live Maps, or  MSN Virtual Earth) is a web mapping service provided as a part of Microsoft’s Bing suite of search engines and powered by the Bing Maps for Enterprise framework.

The integration of Microsoft Bing Maps in ATDI products provides a high degree of image accuracy, comfort of use, and visually pleasing reports and printouts.
The availability of street names and other landmarks is a useful feature for users of ATDI software.

It has several use cases:

  • When deciding or verifying the location or address of assets in the field (sites, towers, antennas)
  • When verifying the type of infrastructure or buildings in the vicinity of a transmitter
  • When creating or verifying user-defined zones (polygons), for coverage or protection purposes

Contact us for more information or tell us how you would like to use Bing Maps in your ATDI solution

Learn more about Bing Maps here