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Norway is bolstering its military preparedness through the purchase of a frequency management system and consultancy services from ATDI.

Military spectrum regulator NARFA has bought database management system ICS Manager and planning and modelling tool HTZ Warfare along with training on utilising the full range of the systems’ capabilities.




About Norwegian Armed Forces

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ATDI is happy to announce that we run a booth (Stand 17) inCritical Communications Europe 2014 (March 10-12 2014) in Amsterdam.

Learn more about HTZ warfare by visiting ATDI booth # 17 at CC Europe.


Amsterdam 10 – 12 March 2014




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La Police du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg renouvelle sa confiance en ATDI en signant pour la 6ème année consécutive la prolongation de son contrat de maintenance. La Police du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg qui utilise le logiciel HTZ warfare d’ATDI depuis 2007 pour la planification de son réseau radio, a décidé aussi d’acquérir une licence supplémentaire pour ses équipes.
Comme tous les clients ATDI sous maintenance, la Police bénéficiera des prestations suivantes pendant 1 an:
• Support technique
• Mise à jour des logiciels
• Accès aux Images BING et la cartographie radio au format ATDI
• Un jour de formation gratuit
• Accès au logiciel ICS online

The Police of the Grand Duché ( Luxembourg) uses the HTZ warfare software of ATDI since 2007 for the planning of its radio network. It has just renewed its trust in ATDI by signing for the 6th consecutive year the renewal of its service contract. As all the ATDI’s customers under maintenance contract, the following services are provided during 1 year:
• technical Support
• Software update
• Access to the Images BING and the digital cartography in the ATDI format
• A free day of training
• Access to the software ICS online

Happy with its long collaboration with ATDI, the Police Grand-Ducale has just acquired an additional license of HTZ warfare for its team!





Police Grand-Ducale: