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FAQ Friday is an event with more answers than questions. The lunchtime, first-Friday-of-each-month, webinar will have a ten minute presentation from an ATDI expert engineer followed by 35 minutes of analysis and discussion led by questions from attendees. FAQ Fridays will run on the first Friday of every month from 12.30 to 1.15.

Our next event:

Date: Friday 5 December 2014
Time: 12.30 onwards
Venue: Online

Space is limited.
Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

Attendees will have an opportunity to vote for the topic of their choice in this  months’ session. Subjects will include:

  • The use of FDW/FDU field files in ICS planning tools – simplifying interference analysis
  • How to create Interference Rejection Masks from a transmitter power spectral density and receiver selectivity data sheet, using IRF Calculator – enabling simulations with multiple equipment types
  • Simple non-specific co-ordination using ICS manager

For one lucky winner each month, the whole session may be accompanied not just by a sandwich but with some seriously awesome – and nutritious – snacking. ATDI is running a prize draw for attendees and, after every webinar, somebody will be chosen to have a months’ supply of Graze to their desk That means four weeks’ supply of healthy, handy snacks set down right next to the keyboard.

Congratulations to Päivi Ruuska, from Norwegian Post and Telecom, the national regulator, who was this months’ winner. Päivi donated a cash equivalent of the price to the British Red Cross Ebola fund. Many thanks Päivi.



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ATDI is helping engineering students take their first step on the career ladder through a competition awards ceremony to be held on December 1.

The company ran a contest in which students had to design France’s new 4G network using femtocells. The winners were Universitat Politecnica De Catalunya (a study submitted by: Marti Floriach Pigem, Alvaro Lopez raventos, Oriol Sanjuan Vivet) with Tampere University of Technology (Syed Fahad Yunas, Joonas Sae, Jussi Turkka) second and , Ecole D’Ingenieurs Sup Galilee Paris-XIII(Koskossi Mohamed) in third place.

The winners will be honoured at the December 1 event at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid.

ATDI managing director Peter Paul comments: “The most difficult step in anybody’s career is the first one and, through this competition, we have made that process a little easier for the winners and all participants. Just by entering, students showed not only their expertise but their willingness to tackle a challenge. My compliments to them all.”


ATDI celebrara la entrega de los Premios del Concurso de la Mejor Planificación 4G LTE el próximo 1 de Diciembre:



13:00 Apertura del acto por Sr. Javier Ramos (Director de la ETSIT)


Presentación de ATDI


Presentación del concurso LTE 4G


          Entrega de premios a los 3 grupos ganadores:

1) UNIVERSITAT POLITECNICA DE CATALUNYA (Proyecto presentado por: Marti Floriach Pigem, Alvaro Lopez raventos, Oriol Sanjuan Vivet)

2) UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY TAMPERE, FINLAND (Proyecto presentado por: Syed Fahad Yunas, Joonas Sae, Jussi Turkka)

3) ECOLE D’INGENIEURS SUP GALILEE PARIS-XIII (Proyecto presentado por: Koskossi Mohamed Ali)


Ponencia de Ignacio URRUTIA SAMPER (Gerente Service Demand Management en Orange)


Ponencia de Juan Pedro Fernandez (Miembro de la Junta del Gobierno del COIT)


Ponencia de Andrés CONTRERAS (Cofounder and CEO at @Datacean and C.T.O at SocialTech)


Además contaremos con la asistencia de:


–          Adrian Nogales (Director de Relaciones Institucionales del COIT)

–          Elena Berruguete (Relaciones Institucionales de Orange)

–          Teresa Cid (Patrocinios y Eventos de Orange)

–          Bertrand Bouchet (Consejero de Ciencia y Tecnología de la Embajada Francesa)

–          Eva Hannikainen (Agregada de Prensa y Cultura de la Embajada de Finlandia)

–          Carlos Martinez Estevez (CEO en Nordkom, ex. Strategic Product Manager de Ericsson)

–          Gilles Missud (Executive Vice President en ATDI)

–          Carlos Aguilar (Business Development Engineer en ATDI)

–          Hélène Person (Directora de ATDI Iberica)



Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid

Salón de grados del edificio Departamental I

28943 Fuenlabrada (Madrid)



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ATDI is pleased to announce that ATDI runs a booth at ITU Telecom World 2014 from December 7 to 10, in Doha.

ITU WORLD explores the opportunities & challenges of an ICT ecosystem in transformation through strategic debate, networking + knowledge sharing.

With a 26 year’s of experience, ATDI offers the best of software products & expertise for radio spectrum management & monitoring, radio network planning, design & optimization, fiber optics. ATDI develops and publishes HTZ and ICS software packages dedicated to Spectrum Management, Spectrum Monitoring, Communication Electronic Warfare, Radio Network Planning and Network Optimizing

Please do not hesitate to contact Ruben Perdiz at and Fiodor Stankevitch at if you would like to book a meeting with ATDI during ITU Telecom World 2014.