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Working with Ofcom

Broadcaster information is now flowing smoothly at the UK spectrum regulator Ofcom thanks to a new database created by ATDI


ATDI won a contract to streamline its central database of all radio and television stations for the UK as well as international coordination. It was a task that required the melding of a disparate range of sources.
“For decades, Ofcom had been working with a variety of non-standard and ad hoc data sources. The main one of these was in the Microsoft Access format but others were contained in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and as Ascii format files tables and, occasionally, text files,” says ATDI lead engineer Alex Krasnojen. “In addition, Ofcom works closely with the BBC and broadcast infrastructure company Arqiva and the three organisations use a database format unique to them – UKPM.”
The variety of data formats used by Ofcom made both internal and external data exchange an issue.
ATDI was tasked with unifying the information and presenting it in a standard, easily-accessible format. The basis for doing this was the company’s software tool ICS Manager. ICS Manager is in use by regulators worldwide to tabulate the abundance of details about the radio services. ICS Manager is tailored to the needs of the user, so ATDI engineers worked extensively to ensure Ofcom’s version of ICS Manager met the organisation’s requirements as closely as possible.
The result is that there is now a central Ofcom database which works with the different formats for the maintenance, processing and transfer of data. The database encompasses all Ofcom’s activities, processes, tasks and types of data. Its implementation has smoothed workflows and made each of Ofcom’s processes simpler and more efficient.
Alex notes: “Something very gratifying about this project is the degree to which we have been able to work and communicate with Ofcom. A situation like the one we found, with broadcaster information in various locations and in differing formats, was very complex. Our approach was to talk to Ofcom and identify a robust solution has been most pleasing on both sides.”


OFCOM (UK) Broadcast Spectrum Management Solution: ICS telecom EV + ICS manager


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ATDI at ITU telecom World 2017 Busan South-Korea

ITU Telecom World is the global forum for telecom innovation, acceleration bringing together the ICT ecosystem. This year IoT, sSmart cities, 5G, sSpectrum mManagement, the 4th industrial revolution, satellites, radio frequency spectrum solutions and the economy’s digital transformation will be discussed.

As a key member of the ITU, ATDI is present at ITU Telecom World taking place in Korea BEXCO Busan from 25 to 28 September.

ATDI will be demonstrating ICS telecom EV, the industry’s most advanced radio planning and spectrum engineering software that predicts with an unmatched precision the effective coverage of radio systems: 3GPP, IoT, public safety, aviation, railways, microwave, broadcast.

With ICS telecom EV’scurrent features, operators can optimize performance on existing 4G networks, design next-generation networks and evaluate the coexistence between technologies.

Visit ATDI team at booth #1210.01

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Communiqué de presse


RADIOCOMMUNICATION : L’Agence Nationale des Fréquences confirme son choix de continuer à travailler avec ATDI


Le groupe ATDI se félicite que l’ANFR, l’Agence Nationale des Fréquences, (chargée par l’Etat des missions de planification, de gestion de l’implantation des émetteurs, de contrôle et de délivrance des autorisations et certificats radio) ait renouvelé le 13 juillet 2017 la maintenance et les supports des licences des logiciels d’ATDI.


L’Agence Nationale des Fréquences a confirmé son choix de continuer à utiliser les logiciels de calcul et d’ingénierie conçus par les équipes d’ATDI permettant toute la gestion du spectre électromagnétique en France : renouvellement de 36 licences du logiciel ICS telecom et package pour un nombre illimité de licences du logiciel ICS Manager.


Ces dernières années ont été marquées par une croissance spectaculaire des usages en matière de radiocommunication et la gestion du spectre hertzien (l’ensemble des fréquences sur lesquelles peuvent opérer tous les systèmes de radiocommunication) est un enjeu majeur pour l’Etat.
Depuis plus de 20 ans, ATDI demeure un partenaire historique des autorités françaises pour aider à la régulation de ce secteur sensible, tant dans le domaine civil que militaire.


A propos d’ATDI : Créée en France il y a près de 30 ans, ATDI (Advanced Topographic Development et Images), désormais groupe international, conçoit, développe et publie des logiciels spécialement conçus pour répondre aux exigences de la radiocommunication et de la guerre électronique, la gestion du spectre, la surveillance, la cartographie numérique, la conception et l’optimisation des réseaux.

ATDI est le leader sur le marché mondial en termes de planification et de modélisation des réseaux radio, de gestion du spectre, de spectre dynamique et d’optimisation des réseaux.
Le groupe ATDI soutient actuellement 2000 clients dans le monde, dont plus de 90 autorités nationales de régulation du spectre.


Le site de l’ANFR