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  • The largest trade show of IT and telecommunication solutions and products in Eastern Europe,
  • Taking place annually at the Expocentre Fairgrounds in Moscow, Russia between 25-28 April
  • More than 320 exhibitors from 17 countries
  • ATDI is participating as one of the many industry leaders in the show, including sub-sectors such as:
  • Communications: Technology, equipment, solutions and services
  • Data Networks
  • TV and radio broadcasting
  • Software and IT services


  • ATDI team:

Fiodor Stankevitch, Global Sales Director

Dmitry Kireev, Technical Director

Alon Zheltkov, Business Development Manager



  • HTZ Warfare, a comprehensive software tool for military radio and electronic warfare planning
  • ICS manager, an industry-recognized complete solution for a spectrum management system
  • ICS RF allocations editor, a unique solution in the market for editing and publication of multi-country Frequency Allocation Table and Radio Interface Regulations.



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CRC, another Credential for ATDI’s Proven Sustainable A-class Expertise and Services



ATDI provided training services to the technical specialists of the Communications Regulation Commission (CRC) of Bulgaria in Sofia on the latest updates and function implementations in its flagship software tools – ICS telecom and ICS manager.

ATDI has been an active contributor in the past 25 years to various spectrum management associations, such as ITU-R, HCMC, and has since developed a truly global footprint upon.

These allow ATDI to extend its solutions in conformance with the latest technology developments and international standards in the industry worldwide.

The CRC of Bulgaria, therefore, continues to benefit from ATDI’s position as a global leader of software solutions in radio planning and spectrum management

The CRC of Bulgaria has been using the ICS telecom, ICS manager and ICS Map Server software solutions since 2003. Hence, ATDI is proud sharing CRC’s 14 years proven customer loyalty in its software solutions and services.

About CRC

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BelGIE renewing for Automated System for Radio Frequency Spectrum  Management


Belarus re-demonstrating full Trust in ICS telecom and ICS manager

ATDI could record another key milestone in its successful long-year partnership with BelGIE, the State Supervisory Department for Telecommunications of Belarus, by renewing the contract for the provision and technical maintenance of an automated system for the management of radio frequency spectrum usage (ASM RFS) in Belarus.

The ASM RFS, developed by ATDI, has been in use in BelGIE since April 2007, and was periodically customized throughout the duration of the contract to fully and accurately respond to BelGIE’s evolving and growing requirements.

From its inception, ATDI’s flagship spectrum engineering tool, ICS telecom, and the spectrum management solution, ICS manager, have been integrated into the ASM RFS to provide BelGIE the required tools to perform various functions of radio spectrum management, such as: 

  • Management of radiocommunication stations in the civil sector
  • Inter-system electromagnetic compatibility analysis
  • Planning of use of the national radio spectrum resources;
  • National and international radio frequency coordination
  • Storage and analysis of monitoring results.

The Belorussian Receiving Centre was founded after the liberation of the BSSR from fascist occupation in 1944.

To organize radio communication and reception of radio broadcasting from Moscow, the equipment had been brought from Vologda, and the radio center had been deployed in the oldest National park of Belarus – Priluki, which was founded in the end of XVIII century.

Except the landscape on the bank of river Ptich this park is famous for the castle of XVI century belonged to the Oginsky’s family. In this park the first Belorussian film “The forest true story” had been produced.

About BelGIE