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TV White Spaces: new business opportunities
ATDI launches its latest competition on White-Spaces for Students and Universities
“ATDI – where the future starts today”


ATDI proposes a contest which will provide practical experience in the world of radio engineering, using sophisticated tools, which are common in the professional world and engineering companies.
You have the opportunity to get great prizes, learn how to use radio engineering tools, and gain prestige to start your career.

The ATDI challenge this year: “White-Space Calculation and Database”, a new technological niche for telecommunication business.
Students are given an opportunity to take their first career steps through a competition run by Europe’s leading radio communications company, ATDI.
This international competition offers students and universities an opportunity to gain first-hand experience managing TV white-spaces.


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ATDI is happy to announce that we run a booth (ATDI   #1A40) in GSMA mobile world congress 2014 (February 24-28 2014) in Barcelona, Spain.

We will present the new versions of our Radioplanning and Optimization software ICS designer and our Cloud application ICS online…

Learn more about ICS designer and ICS online by visiting ATDI booth # 1A40 at GSMA mobile world congress.

Please do not hesitate to contact Helene Person at if you like to book a meeting with ATDI during the exhibition.


GSMA Mobile World Congress


24 – 27 february




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ICS telecom is a complete radioplanning and technical spectrum management solution.

New features:

Cartography :

  • Map zoom level up to 21, resolution 0.07 m (Bing, Open Street Map, Google)
  • Google Map support (Aerial, Topo, Physical)
  • Geospatial support (Aerial, Topo)
  • Geoportal support (WMS et WMTS, EPSG:900913-3857-102113-3785):
  • Poland (Cadaster, Topo, Ortho)
  • France (Cadaster, Topo, Ortho)
  • United Kingdom (Topo)
  • Other countries planned…
  • Automatic clutter builder from Corine Land Cover (EU + Turkey), and Open Street Map (worldwide)
  • GlobalCover clutter access (worldwide)
  • Worldwide DEM 20 m access
  • Vector layer in ICS online (population covered, polygons covered…)
  • DEM/DTM modification from vector polylines (roads, railways) using reference file (Altitude, Distance)
  • Import/Geocoding Clutter, Building and DEM/DTM
  • Search address engine (worldwide)
  • Station address update
  • Map scale (meter, kilometer, feet, nautical miles, statute miles)
  • WMS/WMTS server access (ICS online)
  • Google Map support ICS online (Base layer)
  • New vector layer options (isolate, activate, de-activate, filter…)
  • New map projections (Croatia, Sweden…)
  • Dynamic display: distance between stations
  • Natura 2000 support





  • Import/export Stations and Microwave links to your Cloud storage (STATIONX64 and MWX64 tables)
  • MySQL and SQL lite connection scripts
  • BRIFIC FM-TV access via ICS online.
  • Export vector coverage to your Cloud storage
  • Extended XML Import/export


Network optimization :

  • New tool « Transform »: Site and station modifying based on parameter sets, azimuths, coordinates, status, coverage, one click process.
  • Prospective planning: automatic antenna orientation and LTE planning.
  • Site and station optimizing: Antenna type, Azimuth, Tilt, Antenna height, Power (up to 25 combinations)
  • Route planning: site optimization including priorities and objectives (coverage, overlapping…). Application: GSM-R ETCS L1/L2 and non-ETCS, FM, Tetra…
  • Area planning: site optimization including priorities and objectives (coverage, overlapping…). Application: AMR, Smart-Grid, Tetra, Wimax, 2G/3G/4G, Broadcast…
  • Clustering: prospective planning, nodal networks, site searching, reporting.

Other functions :

  • Handover multi-technologies (2G/3G/4G/Tetra), intra/inter frequencies, intra/inter BSC-RNC-NetID, Handover surfaces based on coverage type (RSRQ, Ec/I0, RSSI…)
  • Neighbors: multi-technologies up to 100 000 candidates
  • New propagation model: Hata extended SEAMCAT compatible (CEPT)
  • TEMS Import: Bing/Nokia map support
  • Project World (WMAS) for Satellite coverage calculation
  • Extended object selection filters
  • Active View: coverage analysis and coverage calculation viewport limited
  • Indoor: vertical reflections
  • Profile settings: DVB-T2, FM ITU, FM Ofcom, GSM-R…
  • Protection areas: dynamic display
  • Interference calculation: new options
  • New diffraction/subpath evolutionary model: MD91
  • COFDM: SNF/SFN and SFN/MFN support up to 100 000 transmitters
  • Extended ICS online export
  • Extended UFS delta reports
  • RDS PI and DAB TII codes: automatic assignment
  • Menu configuration now included in ICS-LT …

A perpetual license of ICS telecom includes:

  • ICS telecom software license
  • Technical support during 1 year (telephone, email) (*)
  • Maintenance agreement with access to regular software updates during 1 year (*)
  • 1 day per year of software training on ATDI premises (Paris, Moscow, London, Warsaw, Sydney, Washington, Madrid, Bucharest, Mumbai) or on site (excluding travel and living expenses)
  • Bing Maps key
  • ICS cloud special rates for additional licenses required for a dedicated period of time
  • Access to Online World wide Builder module during 1 year (*)
  • ICS map server license during 1 year (*)
  • Access to ICS online during 1 year which includes (*):

50 MB of storage (more storage for additional price)
Possibility to upload radio coverage and sites
Data sharing (public or protected by password)
Access to BRIFIC database
Export stations and MW
Access to 20 meters worldwide DEM on demand

(*) : Can be renewed on a yearly basis from the second year following the PO.