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W dniu 19.03.2015 r. w siedzibie Wydziału Elektroniki Wojskowej Akademii Technicznej nastąpiło podpisanie umowy pomiędzy WEL WAT i firmą ATDI, na mocy podpisanego wcześniej porozumienia pomiędzy WAT i ATDI, w ramach którego obydwie instytucje wyraziły intencję współpracy w dziedzinach dydaktyki i nauki, w szczególności wdrażania do procesu dydaktycznego nowoczesnych narzędzi komputerowych, opracowanych przez ATDI dla wspomagania projektowania systemów bezprzewodowych.

Do koordynowania współpracy został upoważniony Dziekan Wydziału Elektroniki prof. dr hab. inż. Marian Wnuk, który sygnował zawartą umowę. W imieniu ATDI umowę podpisała Pani Agnieszka Slosarska, Prezes ATDI spółka z o.o.
W ramach umowy, zawartej na okres jednego roku, firma ATDI udzieliła WEL WAT nieodpłatnej licencji na pełną wersję narzędzi do planowania sieci radiowych ICS Telecom dla celów dydaktycznych. W momencie podpisania umowy uczestniczyli: dr hab. inż. Jerzy Łopatka, prof. WAT – dyrektor Instytutu Telekomunikacji, w którym narzędzia będą wykorzystywane, oraz prof. dr hab. inż. Piotr Gajewski, z którego inicjatywy porozumienie oraz umowa zostały zawarte.


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TV White Spaces: new business opportunities
ATDI launches its latest competition on White-Spaces for Students and Universities
“ATDI – where the future starts today”


ATDI proposes a contest which will provide practical experience in the world of radio engineering, using sophisticated tools, which are common in the professional world and engineering companies.
You have the opportunity to get great prizes, learn how to use radio engineering tools, and gain prestige to start your career.

The ATDI challenge this year: “White-Space Calculation and Database”, a new technological niche for telecommunication business.
Students are given an opportunity to take their first career steps through a competition run by Europe’s leading radio communications company, ATDI.
This international competition offers students and universities an opportunity to gain first-hand experience managing TV white-spaces.


Built-up TV White-Space Database
TV network calculation
TVWS availability map calculation
WSD channel assignment

Student engineers, post Graduates and those studying for doctorates. Submissions can be the work on an individual or a group of up to three members. There is no age.

Early bird registration from 1st May 2015 (Samoa mean time)
Registrations close end of July 2015
Delivery project: end of February 2016
Announcement of winner/s: May 2016
Award ceremony: June 2016

Criteria for entry/eligibility: groups, individuals

Competition structure:
This is a single stage competition which aims to publish online the TV White-Space Database.

ATDI has appointed a panel of international experts from broadcasting and spectrum management industry who are charged with judging the competition.



Winning participants will receive prizes, outlined below:

1st prize:
. 10 000 EUR
+ ICS designer Cloud license (1 year)
+ An offer of internship paid in ATDI headquarters or in one of our subsidiaries
+ An offer of training: become ATDI certified trainer
+ Certificate

2nd prize:
. 4 000 EUR
+ ICS designer Cloud license (1 year)
+ An offer of internship in ATDI headquarters or in one of our subsidiaries
+ An offer of training: become ATDI certified trainer

3rd prize:
. 1 000 EUR
+ ICS designer Cloud license (1 year)
+ An offer of internship in ATDI headquarters or in one of our subsidiaries
+ An offer of training: become ATDI certified trainer

In addition, the University or technical school of the winning student will be awarded a free ICS telecom Education pack for the period of one year.

Competition Rules


Promotional video of contest 2015



 Registration: 1st May 2015



Portal Access

About Contest 2014

About White-Spaces




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Speed through the air is becoming a growing imperative as ATDI helps both a mobile network and commercial flights reach maximum potential.

Network operator EE has now developed its tri-carrier LTE-Advanced structure to the extent that a demonstration was conducted at Wembley Stadium at the end of February delivering more than 400 Mbps. The system has been built using ATDI’s flagship planning and modelling software ICS Telecom to ensure it does not interfere with air traffic radars operating in the 2.7 Ghz range; EE’s LTE-Advanced utilises a combined 20 MHz of 1800-MHz spectrum with 20 MHz of 2.6-GHz spectrum, and another, separate 15 MHz chunk of 2.6-GHz spectrum. The 1800MHz band does not affect radars.

“Clearly, it is imperative that EE gets value for its investment by having a network that works for its customers and nobody needs telling how important it is to have air traffic control radars operating without interference,” notes ATDI operations director Paul Grant.  “EE’s use of ICS Telecom has been an integral part of ensuring both those things happen. Indeed, EE is continuing to take technical support from ATDI to make certain its engineers are getting the most out of ICS Telecom’s 2.6GHz coordination feature.”

The LTE-Advanced signal has the power to saturate a radar receiver thereby rendering the system useless. Many of the air traffic control radars have now had filters installed so possible interference areas are limited to areas close to the radar head.

EE’s Wembley Stadium demonstration created what the company called an interactive gig experience involving an audio-visual installation featuring multiple 4K and HD screens and high-quality audio streaming.


Aeronautical functions in ICS telecom:



Multilateration (multi-ranging / passive)


RADAR (monostatic, bistatic, multistatic)

RADAR coordination (2.6 / 3.4 GHz)