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ATDI is providing military mission planners with an essential new tool, PnC. This software system produces instant radio coverage data and delivers it on virtually any portable hardware from a tablet to a PC. It means that field operatives can work out signal viability while still in the field and can provide essential feedback to their headquarters.

“Modern military thinking is all about speed and accuracy,” says ATDI Ltd managing director Cyprien de Cosson, “and PnC is the epitome of that. It puts vital information immediately into the place where it is most needed.”

PnC predicts tactical radio coverage, showing where base station signals can reach portable devices in both urban and rural environments, as well as planning point-to-point links for communications in hilly environments. In addition, it predicts airspace coverage from ground control systems to mountainous regions and optical coverage to determine areas of visibility.

“All this is achieved on the ground,” Cyprien notes. “That, plus our flexible, easy-to-use interface, gives real power to people having to make plans in real time.”

PnC was designed in consultation with military planners to ensure it most closely meets the needs of the people using it.

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