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ATDI is offering the most time-efficient solution to professional development.

The company has been offering webinars for nearly a decade, meaning that attendees need do no more than switch on their computer to engage with the company’s planning and modelling expertise. Now the value of the education and training on offer is being quantified and certified. ATDI will present a certificate to people who attended webinars and user groups. This will demonstrate not just the number of events participated in but also the topics covered, thereby giving evidence of the attendee’s new and updated competence.

The certificate gives proof of attendance at webinars, user groups and other training courses and supports the professional development of engineers by illustrating the range of topics covered in each period and the breadth of expertise in which attendees have participated




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This webinar is the first of two sessions covering Interference analysis using ATDI’s flagship planning tools for both mobile and broadcast networks. Nb. this event will not cover microwave technologies.

Date: 19 June2014
Time: 10am GMT
Venue: Online
Access: Invitation only

This event will cover:

  • What is interference?
  • What radio propagation models are appropriate for interference calculations?
  • Overview of coverage analysis features in ICS telecom
  • Introducing the basics of C/I calculations…

To register an interest in this event contact:



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Ofcom consultation wants to know what the radiocommunications industry would like to do with frequencies about to be released, and ATDI is showing spectrum users how to get the most from the potential new resources.

Regulator Ofcom is in the middle of a consultation exercise asking for industry input into how

spectrum in the 2.3 – 3.4 GHz band should be used once it is released by the Ministry of Defence. Ofcom’s consultation document is here.

To demonstrate the potential of the frequencies, ATDI is mounting a webinar on Friday, April 4 where all aspects of their possible use and technical limitations will be discussed.

“This event will inform the debate,” says ATDI managing director Peter Paul, “enabling network operators to structure their plans once the frequencies are up for auction. Potential users need to understand how to get the most out of this spectrum, and this webinar will address that.”

New spectrum resources are always hugely valuable, and never more so than now when pressure on frequencies is more intense. “But, the trick is to ensure the new spectrum does its job, particularly when it is adjacent to the frequencies the MoD is retaining and will continue to use,” Peter notes, adding: “ATDI has been conducting such spectrum engineering and planning for two decades and has worked with the MoD throughout that time. Our engineers are in the ideal position to understand the problems, find the solutions and liaise with all the relevant parties.”

Webinar registration details can be found at: